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Starbuck’s apartment / l..


Starbuck’s apartment / loft on Caprica

starbucks apartement on caprica extended hd

CC-BY Manuel Geissinger

Remember the tv series Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009)? I always loved the atmosphere of the shots. A lot of the show was filmed with a Sony HDW-F900 digital camera in Vancouver. I believe it was in 2011 when I recreated another shot from the show with Blender and Luxrender, the Vancouver Public Library. I wanted to do a reload of that rendering, but first of all it was time for an interior rendering.

This is Starbucks apartment (or better: loft) on Caprica. As I mentioned before it can be found in the Waterfall Building, 4051 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver. The Waterfall Building houses many lofts and a restaurant, both were used as filming locations throughout the whole series. Browsing the web we can find high-res fotos and videos of these lofts, sadly Starbuck’s isn’t among them, maybe due to it’s popularity. Here’s an example on youtube. The loft is similar, but not the same as Kara’s. When you dig deeper you’ll find this is a common thread with these lofts, none looks like the other.

In all shots the loft is presented like a souterrain apartment, where the staircase on the left leads to the entrance. However, in real life these apartments are in fact two store, luxury lofts, where the upper floor is as big as the lower one, resulting in a space of around 80m².

There are several shots in Kara’s loft throughout the 4 seasons of BSG. Chronologically they start in the fourth session, where Zak Adama (Tobias Mehler) is still alive and lives together with Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff) in this apartment. In this shot we see a clean room with modern furniture, like you’d expect. However, after Zak died, Kara rearanged the room several times and it became more and more unclean. She also started painting images, and even her wall. The paintings have a strong meaning for the plot, but I won’t go any deeper into this.

My rendering is a mixture of two shots, one shows Kara in her loft after Zek died, but before the war: (1) http://www.battlestarlocations.com/locations-guide/maelstrom
The other one is from the episode Valley of Darkness, where Kara meets Helo on Caprica after the nuclear attack: (2) https://en.battlestarwikiclone.org/wiki/Valley_of_Darkness

After measuring and estimating the room from all source material I could find, it became clear, that not all furniture shown in the two different shots can fit in the space, so I decided to go for the paint stuff (2), which I found more important than just a dirty armchair (1).

Different viewing angles, 4k resolution and more samples are rendering right now and will be published here soon.






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