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ROA feature image


ROA feature image

ROA 0.7.7 feature imageThe image was made entirely with Random Object Array 0.7.7 and Blender Proxy. I’ve used 2 high-poly trees from which I created 2 low-poly versions, basically the stomp of each tree. Then I made the following steps:

  • I added each high-poly tree to a new group called „tree-1“ / „tree-2“
  • I used Blender Proxy to link each low-poly tree to the matching high-poly group
  • Then I added both low-poly trees to a new group called „low-poly-trees“
  • Made a simple terrain from scratch and added a pre-made material
  • Then I added an „empty“ to use as ROA master object. I assigned ROA to the empty, selected „Pick from group“ (low-poly-trees) and the terrain as target mesh
  • In the group window I changed the count for the master object to zero
  • I adjusted some random rotation, offset, scale etc. to fill the terrain
  • After that I turned the count up to 10.000, hit apply and waited about a minute. It worked without issues and the viewport was still very responsive thanks to the low-objects
  • I added a sun lamp and an HDR background, adjusted lighting and render settings
  • I pressed „Prepare render“ in Blender Proxy. The conversion goes rather quick, less than 10 seconds
  • After a test rendering I adjusted some more values in ROA and just hit apply again
  • I made the final rendering: 10.000 objects, 30 million polygons, render time about 1h on a GTX 1080
  • I loaded the final image into Gimp and added couple of sky photos to several layers so I could cycle through em and choose a matching image
  • Done!

CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.



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