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Object Oriented VS Functional ..


Object Oriented VS Functional Programming

Absolutely matches my experience: I didn’t go out and look for what’s the most efficient way of coding, nor what’s the word in town in 2016. It just happened to me as a freelancer doing projects with a limited budget. Although I’ve been learning OOP since the date of C++ 3 release, OOP more often gets into my way rather than being helpful.

So I do exactly what Brian Will suggests in his video, I’ve been doing it for years and it came naturally. I write long functions and use comments instead of splitting into sub-functions, which I won’t use anywhere else anyway. I utilize parameters and return values. Respect the scope! Use it! The result is code I can just open and read, I can debug it by looking at it, without browsing around in the file, or even in multiple files – with OOP I cannot read my own code, if I haven’t worked on it for the past 6 month.

Another result is people tend to look at my code and judge it as being „amateurish“, maybe because it’s simplistic and they are able to read it, too. Not that it’s bad code they read, just the fact that they are able to read it, opposed to some obfuscated appearing OOP code they cannot read.

One thing Brian Will doesn’t mention is the amount of overhead you get with OOP – you can write an enormous amount of code to solve a problem you can solve with 10 lines of functional programming. I’ve never seen it other way round. I guess that’s fine, if you’re employed on a fixed contract and don’t have to worry about project cost, it’s not if you’re the one in charge of the budget.


„Java? I don’t care about.. What a horrible language!“ – Linus Torvalds (link)



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