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CC-BY Manuel Geissinger

Interior rendering with Blender and Cycles. It took about a day from scratch to this. For the first time in couple of years I used some 3rd party models (couch, chair and lamp). I had to rework those heavily, due to their messed up geometry and lack of materials. The original couch I  also transformed to an armchair. Still using some instant models saves a lot of time at the stage of blocking out, initial lighting and finding my way into the scene. Even more important, it helps me to skip the part where I start a scene like this by modelling a random piece of furniture, spend hours on unnecessary detail and give up eventually. If you’re into 3D modelling, you know what I mean.

Every scene is also about learning: And I had to realize once more, that spending time on small detail doesn’t pay, cause it’s hardly visible in the rendering. In opposition, just creating lots of stuff at lower quality is the key to a rich, alive and convincing scene. I’ve spent lots of time on the windows, creating small bevels and steps, trying to perfect it – in the rendering they just look like boxes.  I have to hammer that into my head a bit harder for the future.



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