Once upon a time…

…songs had a meaning.

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Find out, what this one means. And listen to the voices of Sting and Mark Knopfler playing, dancing, improvisation on a level of perfection. Hard to find in modern music, which doesn’t mean there aren’t still brilliant pieces released every day.

I finally finished my LPIC 201 yesterday, a Linux academy course with a 70-question exam equal to the real LPIC 2 exam. You have a bit more time for each question on Linux Academy and you can do it from your desk, while the real LPIC exam is only available 1-2 times a year in certain cities (somewhere in or around Hamburg I think) and also it costs money. I could not afford the travel and time expenses atm so Linux Academy is good enough for me. Again, it’s the same questions and you’ll hardly find someone being able to finish the course with the labs and the exam without the proper knowledge. Interesting enough, Linked-In has adapted the Linux-Academy-style type of questions for various IT skills, for example JavaScript, albeit it’s not 70 questions (those took me about 80min to answer), but more like 10-15. In return you’ll get a little „badge“ next to that skill on your profile saying you’ve been tested in it. Linked-In tests cannot be retaken immediatly if you fail, but you’ll have to wait 3 months for another try, Linux Academy on the other hand gives you 3 tries if I remember correctly. I finished all my LPICs on the first try.

Most people know what’s ahead on my road, and I’m somewhat exited but it also means again a lot of work and money invested for a yet unknown future. At least there is one.

Some people have been asking me: Why are you doing this? You’re good enough man, your stuff is amazing. Well, for one part, and that actually worked out as planed, 99% of customers stopped playing the „incompetence“ – card since I got some of these certificates on my profile. They still find weird & stupid reasons to try to get free service, don’t worry. I didn’t really expect this to change.

@Mr Taxi Driver: My services cost 99€ / month or 105€  / h – maybe it’s more clear in english. No, I won’t go out and search a cheap 3rd party hosting package for you, for free, even if you waste my time on purpose. Sorry if that was too complicated.

Yet the amount of time I save is significant, cause now people don’t question my competence and don’t strive for a 2h long, technical explanation they don’t understand in the end anyway.

Still, the true reason is just curiousity and fun learning, refining my skills and broaden my view and understanding. There may have been above reasons as inital factor, but since I realized how far I came with pure autodidactic learning already, these certification pathes switched tech & learning to „easy mode“ for me. And listening to the tutor of this specific course made me realize even more that today’s job descriptions in IT are literally insane. Quoting the tutor from memory: „I haven’t compiled a Linux kernel in probably 8 years cause there’s no more reason to do it, since most hardware drivers like wifi are integrated into the kernel by default.“

In the mean time some people decided, german IT does not need competence but instead pure workforce, motivation and mindless slaves. „Get them while they’re young and you can do anything with them“ – a famous movie quote of quite a few bad guys.



Descisions were made. It was my wife who actually discoverd the true evil in the first link: Getting uneducated workforce and educating them you as a company have to pay them a fraction of a real salary only. How about we find something in the middle instead? We are humans, too.


So there’s a bottom line to this. Germany, that’s the state’s bureaus as well as companies, either can’t or doesn’t want to pay what „real“ IT costs. Guess both situations exist. We are already paying the price for that and we gonna pay more each year that passes – and we as a country lose ground in international comparison. Part of the problem is money, for sure. The IT where my wife is working at is so old (Win 2000 era and before!) that they cannot find a new admin, even though the old one is, well getting old and already wanted to quit. They can’t afford new IT either. Things are breaking down on a daily. I don’t know of any hacking attempt yet, I just hope they pulled the plug on public internet wherever they could. But the bigger problem in my eyes are overpayed consultants, mainly in politics but also in management. Their number one priority is to secure their own jobs. More than a few politicians in Germany run either their own little „IT company“ or have a „cousin“ of sorts who takes that spot. Billions are burned into IT projects that never see the light of day or are unusable and the responsible parties fight for their lifes to keep the structures as they are. Volkswagen’s solution is not gonna fix that, but instead fuels that fire.

I personally see myself as a solution, working for multiple companies, they „share“ my salaray. But it’s not really working, cause for 1.) I simply don’t earn remotely enough money to make this worthwhile 2.) it’s a house of cards, if one company too many pulls out or overstreches my „fair use“ conditions, or something like the current state of emergency happens, even when I get sick… things fall apart. Yet I think it’s a model for the future, just time is not right yet.