This is America

and this is apparently Germany as well as the rest of the world.    In a recent article I said, what we wittness happening in the USA right now will be our future. I can’t tell you exactly why this is the case, it’s pretty complicated. So how do I know this? Let’s say,

Once upon a time…

…songs had a meaning. Watch on Youtube Find out, what this one means. And listen to the voices of Sting and Mark Knopfler playing, dancing, improvisation on a level of perfection. Hard to find in modern music, which doesn’t mean there aren’t still brilliant pieces released every day. I finally finished my LPIC 201 yesterday,

Why I no longer care about MFA or 2FA

Recently there’s been couple of reports in the news where an attacker managed to bypass a 2-Factor Authentication system. That’s not the reason. Researchers at TrimarcSecurity presented at a talk at TROOPERScon in 2019 some common ways to not only bypass MFA (multi-factor authentication) in general but also new exploits introduced by the MFA-system itself