Blender Cycles Principled Linux

So in case anyone needs this, too. I’ve built it in a VM on Ubuntu 16.04 for myself. I got too many projects going on atm, so please understand I cannot provide support or regular updates for this. Still all comments are welcome. I have not been able yet to test out if CUDA or

How to modify Blender’s fbx exporter for UE4EH LOD Export

As requested by users UE4EH now features attachment and export of LODs to UE4. To make use of this feature you need to modify the fbx-exporter that ships with Blender resp. use the modified exporter file that I put into the package. If the steps below don’t work out for you, please leave a comment.

UE4 Export Helper for Blender

The Unreal Engine 4 export helper for Blender is a neat tool to improve the workflow between Blender and UE4. Now on! Update: After 6 years I sadly had to discontinue the add-on due to time constraints and also because of the Blender 2.80 API update. You can find the old version for 2.79

Tiny new Addon: To all

Tiny new Addon: To all I’ve made new addon for Blender, working name is „To all“. Rightnow it’s only for modifiers and materials. Once installed, you’ll find „Copy modifiers to all“ under the modifiers resp. the materials tab. How it works: Ever been anoyed that you can’t add or edit modifiers or materials of multiple

My Blender theme

Couple of people on youtube have been asking, so here’s a download of my theme. This was made from a preset (I forgot which one sadly), with some customization. To install, unzip somewhere, go to User Preferences -> Themes and click the Install Theme… button, and select the unpacked .xml file. The use the Presets:

Random Object Array für Blender 3D

  Link: Die Tools Random Object Array und Blender Proxy für die Open-Source 3D Software Blender wurden von mir konzipiert und in Python programmiert. Sie erfreuen sich wachsender Beliebtheit, da sie mehrere wichtige Bereiche in Blender abdecken, für die es bisher nur unzureichende Lösungen gab. Neben der einfachen Randomisierung von Objekten im dreidimensionalen Raum

Blender Proxy Update

Blender Proxy Update Looks like I had copied a wrong version to the package all the time. Really sorry about this! That version was missing some code and that why only working half ways. Just noticed when I installed BP in Blender 2.76. Maan!

Concrete Textures

  Some more work on worn edges / concrete textures. I found using the one-click „Dirty Vertex Colors“ to be the most straight forward way to achieve this. For the shader I use image and procedural textures. No true displacement but bump mapping.