Summer Picknick Table

Made with Blender, Cycles (Principled) and Substance for my frontpage hero intro. About 2h including little post production. CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.


Made with Blender, Cycles (Principled) and ROA, to (maybe) replace my temporary default background image. CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.


My first image using a Substance Source material & the new Disney aka Principled Shader in Cycles. Anisotropy still has issues so I had to light the sign and the wall in 2 passes combining them afterwards. Overall the workflow Substance -> Principled Shader is a breeze. CC-0.


Just playing around with Blender and Affinity. CC-0

Storage Servers

A really quick one I made for my new website (as background image for the hosting page). It took me less than 2h with Blender and Cycles from scratch to finish. This image was featured on the pexels.com frontpage, yeh! 🙂 CC-0

ROA feature image

The image was made entirely with Random Object Array 0.7.7 and Blender Proxy. I’ve used 2 high-poly trees from which I created 2 low-poly versions, basically the stomp of each tree. Then I made the following steps: I added each high-poly tree to a new group called „tree-1“ / „tree-2“ I used Blender Proxy to

Archviz Office Building

Just moved into my new office building and guess what? Vandals! About 10h from start to finish. Something went wrong with the z-buffer (resp. the mist pass, as the z-buffer is not antialiased). So I couldn’t make the post production quite as I wanted. The problem is that I’m using a glass shader for the


  CC-BY Manuel Geissinger Interior rendering with Blender and Cycles. It took about a day from scratch to this. For the first time in couple of years I used some 3rd party models (couch, chair and lamp). I had to rework those heavily, due to their messed up geometry and lack of materials. The original

Archviz Tower house

Blender and Cycles. 4k.   CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.

4k rendering: Sky

Quick build with Blender and Cycles, to use as background image in the future. Remake of the album cover of 9980 by Connect.Ohm. Awesome ambient album by the way. Not overly precise, maybe I’ll re-render it. CC-BY Manuel Geissinger.